Civil Process

If you require services from the Civil Process Division, certain fees are required by state statue and must be paid prior to any attempt of service.

Fees charged are as follows

 Summons/Complaint  $15.00
 Summons/Petition              $15.00
 Claim & Delivery                  $25.00
 Writ of Assistance               $25.00
 Orders of Protection           $15.00
 Executions                               $25.00
 Mechanics Liens                   $15.00
 Decrees                                  $15.00
 Subpoenas  $10.00
 Motion of Hearing                $15.00

Papers to be served with the appropriate fees, should be sent to Jasper County Sheriff’s Office at 12008 N. Jacob Smart Blvd. Ridgeland, SC 29936 or P.O. Box 986 Ridgeland, SC 29936.