Information Technology

IT Help Desk

Policy and Procedures

  • NO IT issue will be addressed unless it has a corresponding ticket in the work order system.
  • User generated tickets will be automatically placed in the work queue and receive our attention as soon as possible based on their severity.
  • If users are unable to create a help desk ticket for any reason, they can feel free to call the IT Department at 843-717-3630. This method of generating requests will not circumvent the work order system as these requests will be placed into the ticket system throughout the day. Please keep in mind that this extra step may cause a delay in issue resolution while the ticket is being created and placed in the queue.
  • Conversations in passing, direct calls, or text messages with members of the IT Department regarding technical issues are not to be used as a substitute for utilizing the ticket creation methods above.
  • Multiple issues will require the creation of multiple tickets.
  • If a request is deemed mission critical by the IT Department it will receive top priority and not be subject to any delays.
  • All replies to questions asked by technicians in your help desk ticket, must be done so on your ticket in the work order system. Please do not respond to ticket questions by emailing technicians directly as this may greatly reduce the time it takes to resolve your issue.

 For instructions on putting in your help desk ticket please refer to this Help Desk Tutorial 

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