Arthur S. Benjamin, Jr.

12008 North Jacob Smart Blvd
P.O. Drawer 2140
Ridgeland, South Carolina 29936

The Jasper County Detention Center is located off I-95, Exit 22 in conjunction with the Jasper County Law Enforcement Building. The Detention Center is operated by Director Arthur Benjamin and Captain Harry Orr. The Detention center employs a total of 32 Detention Officers and 3 additional Administrative Staff Members. The Jasper County Detention is in accordance with the South Carolina State and Federal Guidelines.

The Jasper County Detention Center is the detention facility for the County of Jasper. It is the goal of the Jasper County Detention Center to provide and maintain a safe and humane environment, which offers an opportunity for change to those inmates and detainees who choose to take advantage of these opportunities.

Mr. Arthur S. Benjamin, Jr., Director

Mr. Harry Orr, Captain

Phone: (843) 717-3300 Fax: (843) 717-3314

Booking: (843) 717-3300