Litter / Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement and Litter Control 

Department Function:

Code Enforcement and Litter Control are services provided by Jasper County Emergency Services through the Code Enforcement Unit. The CEU is responsible for the investigation of cases involving illegal dumping, littering violations, unlawful use of business dumpsters, unsecured loads (yard debris, trash, other cargo), and illegal dumpsites within the unincorporated areas of Jasper County. Additionally, the CEU is tasked with ensuring the compliance of Jasper County ordinances pertaining to nuisance properties, in a focused effort to increase the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

All officers and investigators assigned to this unit are required to be certified law enforcement officers through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. This ensures that best practices and principles are utilized when gaining compliance and improvement of the safety and wellbeing of our citizens in Jasper County.


Code Enforcement Violations

  • Property maintained in poor condition
  • Excessive storage of litter, debris and personal property
  • Derelict, inoperable, and unregistered vehicle
  • Business License Violations


Litter Violations

  • Littering (Misplaced trash or solid waste)
  • Spilling debris on roadways
  • Illegal dumping on private or public property
  • Uncovered loads


How to File a Complaint:

The Code Enforcement Unit responds to complaints received by citizens, community groups and other agencies within Jasper County. A complaint maybe filed by calling 843-547-8290 or by email at You are not required to give your name or provide any personal information when registering a complaint.

How are complaints handled:

All registered complaints are reviewed and assigned to an investigator or officer to be validated within 5 days of receipt. Once the complaint is verified, a Notice of Violation will be posted on the property or issued directly to the owner or tenant. In accordance with Jasper County Ordinances, all residential violations will be given 30 days to correct unless the violations are deemed an immediate safety or health hazard.


Repeat violations that occur on properties within a 12-month period may be issued a citation immediately requiring an appearance in Magistrate Court.

Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis and shall not exceed the maximum number of days allowed by ordinance. Non-compliance results may result in being issued a citation with a Magistrate Court appearance. Jasper County reserves the right to correct any documented violations which may result in further legal action or a lien being place on the violating property.

Jasper County Emergency Services – Main: 843-726-7606
Code Enforcement Unit – Office: 843-547-8290
Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 am to 4:30 pm (excluding holidays)