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Welcome to the Jasper County Assessor's Office

This office welcomes the opportunity to serve the citizens of Jasper County and surrounding areas.  We hope this information provides answers to some of your questions.

The information on this site has been prepared as a public service to you.  We will make every effort to keep this information current. To search property records click here.

The Jasper County Assessor’s Office welcomes you to our information page. The general duties of the Assessor is to appraise all property at fair market value and place them on the tax rolls to generate revenue for Jasper County.

We also classify property at a 4% ratio for your legal residence, meaning that you own and occupy the property as your primary residence or at a 6% ratio for commercial property or non-owner occupied. We have approximately 24,000 parcels in our inventory and we are monitoring values and adding new construction each year as buildings are constructed. State Law requires we do a reassessment every 5 years and the latest reassessment was for tax year 2015 and was implemented in 2016. We also have a complete list of ownership of all property owners in Jasper County and we separate parcels by taxing district so we can turn these values over to the Auditor for determination on millage in order to create the tax bills which are mailed in October of each year.

We are here to assist you and I hope the information displayed on these pages will be helpful to you.

Thank you for visiting.  Please contact our office with any questions concerning the Assessor's Office.

To All Jasper County Property Owners

The Jasper County Assessor's Office has started reassessment of all real property for the 2025 Reassessment. The new values will not be implemented untill 2026.

We are currently updating all photos and verifying measurements for our records. Therefore, please don't be alarmed if you see a county vehicle on your property.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Jasper County Assessors Office at 843 717 3620.

It's always a pleasure to serve you

Mailing Address Change

For your convenience, you can email a mailing address change for your real property to

Please understand that a correct mailing address is critical to real property taxation and as such, to ensure that our office does not err in making an incorrect change, a scanned copy of the owner’s picture ID is required for this request to be honored. It is also important to know that this mailing address change will only affect the mailing address for the property that you request in this email. If you have more than one property that requires a change, please be sure to list each property. Thank you for your assistance in ensuring the record is accurate.

What this office DOES

  • Appraise real property and manufactured homes for ad valorem tax purposes.
  • Handle appeals on the value of real property appraised by the Assessor's office. (See frequently asked questions)
  • Review and approve or deny real properties for the legal residence special assessment. An application must be filed, and legal deadlines apply.
  • Review and approve or deny real properties for the agricultural use special assessments. An application must be filed and legal deadlines apply.
  • Handle appeals on legal residence and agricultural special assessments of properties that have been denied.
  • Produce an annual certified assessment roll for ad valorem taxation for all properties within the Assessor’s jurisdiction.
  • Maintain records of deed transactions, building permits, tax maps and other records necessary for a continuous reassessment program.
  • Represent the County in property tax appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals and the Administrative Law Judge Division.
  • Enforce County ordinances regarding the transportation of manufactured homes.
  • Maintain the inventory of manufactured homes in the County.

What this office DOES NOT

  • Calculate real or personal property tax bills or send tax bills to property owners.
  • Accept or process any real or personal property tax payments (see the Treasurer’s Office website for contact information.
  • Approve, grant or qualify the homestead exemption (see the Auditor’s Office website).
  • Approve or grant exemptions for disabled person(s).
  • Appraise or assess manufacturing, railroad or utility property.  Those properties are the responsibility of the SC Department of Revenue.    
  • Handle delinquent tax bills, delinquent tax sales, or payments (see Delinquent Tax Office website for contact information on delinquent property) 

Important Dates to Remember

January 15th         The last day that this office will accept appeals in a non-reassessment year

                               The last day to pay your current tax bill without penalty

                               The last day to apply for Agriculture use for the current tax bill

October 3rd     Appeal Deadline, This is the last day to appeal the 2020 tax notices mailed out 07/05/2022

December 30th    The last day to request an 80% tax bill for the current tax bill for a property under appeal

December 31st     The last day to apply for legal residence for the current tax year