Jasper County Council’s Pocotaligo District

Residency issue may force special election for Jasper County Council’s Pocotaligo District

1-25-2022 Jasper Co faces error in council district representation

Jan. 25, 2022 Contact: Andy Fulghum, Jasper County Administrator, 843-305-0073, Residency issue may force special election for Jasper County Council’s Pocotaligo District A residency oversight has three people living in the same Jasper County Council district, one more than is legal. Alvin Adkins, whose residence is in the Coosawhatchie District, apparently had his address incorrectly located in the adjacent Pocotaligo District at the Elections Commission when he ran for Jasper County Council in 2020. The error surfaced this month when the state officials began reviewing information and council member addresses related to redistricting County Council seats based on the 2020 US Census. Councilman Adkins may be asked to resign his seat with a special election to follow later this year, but he is reviewing the situation with a private attorney. “From our research, it appears Councilman Adkins wasn’t qualified to run in the Pocotaligo District because he resides in another district of the county,” said Andrew Fulghum, Jasper County administrator. “With that in mind, and after consulting with county election officials, the State Election Commission and our county attorney, we will be discussing with County Council in due course concerning asking Mr. Adkins to resign his seat and holding a special election to fill the Pocotaligo seat on council,” Fulghum said. Adkins is aware of the issue and likely will retain his own lawyer to review options

Of the five members of Jasper County Council, one is elected at-large, by all county voters, and can live anywhere in Jasper County. Of the remaining four seats, candidates must live within their designated district, but are voted upon by all county voters. There are guidelines and policies in place to guide the next steps, but immediate decisions are based on what Councilman Adkins decides. He will continue to serve on the Jasper County Council until he resigns or is removed through the legal process.