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Probate Court

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Hon. Judge Albert Kleckley Jr.

Jasper County Probate Court

Office: (843) 726-7718

Fax: (843) 726–5173

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The Probate Court is a court of record having exclusive original jurisdiction over all matters related to decedents’ estates, trusts, guardianship's of adult incapacitated persons, conservatorships of minors and adult incapacitated persons, involuntary commitment of persons suffering from mental illness, intellectual disability, chemical dependency, and tuberculosis, and issuance of marriage licenses. The Court also has jurisdiction over the approval of certain wrongful death settlements.

Court activities/functions related to the above jurisdictional areas include appointment of personal representatives, trustees, conservators and guardians, hearings and trials informal proceedings, processing and admitting to probate/record wills and other probate instruments, pleadings, motions, marriage licenses and applications therefor, and other official documents, and maintenance of public records regarding the same.

In discharging the duties and functions of the Court, the Probate Judge and Court staff strive always to render courteous and effective public service, in a professional manner befitting a judicial agency, and sensitive to the "human equation" with respect to those individuals having business with the Court. Court services are rendered fairly, impartially and equitably without regard to race, creed, color, or gender, and focused on the fact that our nation is based on a "Rule of Law" -- not a rule of individuals.

Jasper County Probate Court seeks to perform its missions in a manner that does honor and justice to the citizens of Jasper County and its leaders, as well as to our state and federal court systems, and places our Court in the forefront of favorable opinion with respect to the administration of our agency and meaningful service to the public. Its credo is professional public service with civility, in a "user-friendly" mode.

                                                                                   Albert L. Kleckley Jr.

                                                                              Jasper County Probate Judge