Planning & Building Services On-Line Forms

Building Services Forms and Applications

Building Permit Application- Staff approval

Certificate of Compliance- Inspection Required

Mobile Home Checklist and Application Package- Staff approval

Planning Services Forms and Applications

Application - Zoning Certification-Use and Occupancy 

Online Zoning Permit- Staff approval. Use this link to create an account and apply online!

Zoning Permit Application - Staff approval

Zoning Map Amendment- Council approval.

Minor Site Plan- Staff approval.

Major Site Plan- Staff approval.

Minor Subdivision- Staff approval.

Major Subdivision- Planning Commission approval.

Board of Zoning Appeals Forms

Notice of Appeal - Form 1 Board of Zoning Appeals approval 

Appeal from Action of Development Services Representative - Form 2 Board of Zoning Appeals approval

Variance Application - Form 3 Board of Zoning Appeals approval

Special Exception Application - Form 4