Comprehensive Master Plan

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Jasper's Journey: The Next Twenty Years

Jaspers Journey

Comprehensive Master Plan, Jasper’s Journey: The Next Twenty Years

We are embarking on the development of our comprehensive master plan, which will establish our community vision and provide a road-map for how to work together to achieve our vision. The plan will be developed through a public process of involving community leaders, stakeholders, and residents. Community Meetings and surveys will be held throughout the process.

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You are invited to take the following survey click the link below to provide input for Jasper’s Journey, our Comprehensive Master Plan Survey.


What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range planning document that serves to provide a unified vision for the community and strategies to achieve this community vision.


The comprehensive plan includes:

  • An inventory of existing conditions
  • A statement of needs and goals, including a vision statement, establishes where the community wants to go as well as long- and short-range goals for achieving the vision.
  • Implementation strategies with time frames.

The comprehensive plan addresses nine elements of the community:

  1. Population
  2. Economic Development
  3. Natural Resources
  4. Cultural Resources
  5. Community Facilities
  6. Housing
  7. Land Use
  8. Transportation
  9. Priority Investments

For more information, please contact Planning and Building Services by emailing Lisa Wagner or calling (843) 717-3650.